SayWeather™ is an innovative aviation tool that allows airport and helipad operators the ability to provide airport weather

Airport Advisory Weather


The SayWeather™ built-in microcomputer continuously retrieves weather information from the state of the art weather station converting the data to on demand voice for the pilot and to the internet.

State of the art Weather Station


The weather station mounted remotely on the airfield transmits wirelessly the wind (direction, speed, gusts), barometric pressure, temperature and dew point digitally to the SayWeather™ master unit.

In the aircraft or helicopter


In the aircraft or helicopter, the pilot keys the radio mic four times, transmitting on the MF, to request the current weather advisory.

Radio Transmission


The SayWeather™ unit then speaks the current weather conditions over the integrated aviation-band transceiver allowing the pilot to receive the current weather advisory. (The advisory can be configured to the airport operator’s preference, as can the spoken voice - male, female, language, etc.).

Internet Compatibility


The SayWeather™ unit publishes live weather to the web for viewing by pilots on the ground through any web-connected phone, tablet or PC (subject to internet connectivity at your airport).



"We have many private aircraft owners at our aerodrome and quite a few High hour Commercial pilots active and retired.  I want to Quote a cliché and Ive heard this more than once: THIS SYSTEM IS THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!  Thank You SayWeather for helping our aerodrome become a safer place to fly!"

Bob C. Airport Manager

About Us

SayWeather™ Canada


SayWeather™ Canada is a division of Cygnus Aviation (7549269 Canada Ltd) a boutique aviation supply and consulting firm.

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SayWeather™ Canada Installation Services


SayWeather™ Canada will survey your airport for suitability and handle the installation of our product at your airport or helipad.

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Over 5o Units Currently in Operation


SayWeather™ has over 50 units already installed and operational at Airports and Helipads all across the United States with the first two Canadian installations operational.

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